Previous Projects – See_D – surviving media and some analysis

Unfortunately almost no photos of or video exist of this event. It was a bit different than previous events and difficult to capture.

Visitors arrived in a  waiting room that was sectioned off from the event and resembled the exterior of a house. It was cheesily decorated with traditional halloween decorations and set up as a demonstration of BSL’s new technology to guard against the scariness of digital security threats.

A video played in the waiting area:

The next person to queue up was placed in a mask that inhibited their vision but allowed others to see them.

When their time came, they were led into small chamber, seated in a wheel chair and given a sugar cube with the “psycho-reactive” substance.  They then listened to the 4th installment to the audio:


They were then wheeled down a short hallway and transitioned to a sort of medical examination bed and their hands were placed in a substance. The area they were contained in was circular and had transparent tarp separating them from the presentation (mostly).

The event then unfolded around them through timed lights, animatronics, and video projection techniques.

An antique tv showed static that evolved and grew out from it as images were shown around them, and animatronics were triggered.

Through these it is revealed (though very hard to parse out) connections between the revelations at the bibilical burning bush, drug induced states are connected. And these visions were most likely similar to the information being excavated out of the “signal”.

Here are some images used in the presentation:insidebook k brethridgebooklonger copy


alluding to the ten commandments being a bizarre translation of a book written on arguments for ethical social behavior from the 1800s(used to keep the sociopathic “Brethridge” boys in line).

The event shows a picture of popeye as well (a cartoon the boys liked) and hints that YAHWEH comes from “I yam what I yam”  and the phrase scrawled in the book ” Yeah he was here.”

The ‘angels’ of seraphim referenced in the story were two large suspended animatronic figures that were more visible toward the end of the presentation cycle. I am not sure if any pictures exist of these creatures, which is a shame.







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