Previous Projects – Four or More Doors for One Room

I was able to excavate the 3 stories from the first Horror Event (2002 or 2003 I believe)

The theme that year was House(I think I was inspired by House of Leaves for that year and the following).

The first story, which was the over arching story was about man and his family moving into a new house and tiny doors they start finding.

Forgive the strange formatting (I believe it was intentional). The pictures are also from the original invite.

ROOM 1: four or more doors for one room

In this room there are four doors… or more. It was not like this when iIfirst found this room. There is the door I enter and exit from. There is the door to my bedroom and the door to my office. And here is the sum total of doors. Three. Here are the sum total of doors that have any right to be in this room.


…and in the room, there were a number of corners. A number of nooks. And in the nooks were born these noises. And from these noises I must suppose they were born. The first door appeared 7ix days into my life there.



And soon after the first cat disappeared. the next door appeared 2one days after that, just after my last birthday and just before the spring set in.


The noises got worse, or better if you like the noises I suppose.

It is not the home, it is just a house. There is no sordid history here. My wife, children, and pets followed me here, without complaint. My wife mistook the first for a home improvement project I was going to surprise her with. She was surprised when she tried to peer inside. There was something she could not quite describe ever, moving in there. Inside the door. Her mind wandered off but she never wandered back upstairs. The pets disappeared shortly after.


And the next door appeared. Three doors more than should be.

And the noises, only in night, came and went on.

My wife, in a delirium, suggested the most sensible thing I have heard so far. She talked about the colors of moths and the soot patterns on trees, and the stupid learning of cells and traits. She talked of snakes that look like other snakes to help them live that much longer.


She then spoke mad madness of something… somethings, that could look like a house, like a room , like a door, and that preyed off of people that lured people into them. When she first said it, I started laughing when I thought of the house creature spitting out a real estate agent much like a Angler fish dropping a bioluminescent light to snare curious and stupid food.

Natural mimicry. I have read fact and fiction, all sorts of speculation on this since she said this, and since she disappeared.

I poked my head into one of the doors one night when I remained alone. I did not see what my wife saw, but I heard the wet workings of mouths… tongues… teeth… other things… only inches back in the warm dark.

The fourth door showed up and that is when I began setting the traps…


I cau ght t h em. The ir for m s and fu nctions v aried, based on what, I do not know … my children, the pets, the b aby . I caug ht seve ral. I was alm ost excited by the col lecting. That was wh en the d oor I ex it and ent er wi th disa ppea red and th e fifth door showed up_______




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