Previous Projects – Overlooked – 2006

from the birthchamber the birthmother(no relation to previous years)

Overlooked – 2006

Following Aeban’s “Emil”

comes a story about Emil and his grandfather, told like a dark folk tale via a mildly interactive storybook.

In attempts to make the invite more ambitious and interactive, the invite became more buggy. Audio events and music are a bit odd at times, but the mood still unsettles me.

Although I still enjoy the story and the ambition, the outcome is not my favorite.

It did involve a lot of of techniques I hadn’t tried before including long exposure stop motion animations done with a flatbed scanner and the most complicated and messy flash work I had attempted.


Event Description:

Event goers started by being blindfolded and put into a wheel chair.

They were then rolled into a room with no lights on and left alone.

They were free to take off the blind fold and  stand up/move around.

When they took off the blindfiold they saw an arrow written in glow in the dark ink pointing at what should be the light switch.

If they stood up, their head would hit a thin plastic tarping with various things in it.

When they reached for the arrow, there was nothing there, but the light switch was a few inches to the side.

They could then see the plastic tarping contained many fake heads, and hundreds of live crickets that had been crawling over them.

They were then free to live the room and explore the rest of the event. Almost no pictures exist of this event, but I’m trying to track down the ones I recall.


Low quality pictures:

from the birthchamber the birthmother(no relation to previous years)
The birth Chamber – The Mother A similar concept to the birthmother of previous year.

another angle closeup of "father" head hanging from the mother lowangleup the mother DSC01824 DSC01786




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