Previous Projects – Grow – 2007


Grow (2007) was a more sophisticated event. It featured the most complicated story and execution to date.

Grow had 3 invites starting with this teaser:

Teaser:  (select Apple eaten or click on the apple, Flash required)

The teaser set up the themes of growth, seeds, gardening, and a return of Aeban and Emil as characters, and Aeban’s desire to visit Emil, who after the last year, may or may not be dead.

Invite 2

Continuing the theme of growth and gardening it introduces the theme of sewing, and dark the dark hints of arranged romance of a Quilting store owner and her 3 children with the gardener from Garden Capers.

The hidden themes are hinted at further, as Aeban plans his reunion with his chum Emil.

Invite 3:

Starts with the “updated’ webpage for Garden Capers, showing the story has evolved and Iggy has gone missing and his brothers are frantic to find him.

The final animated invite drop the final hints of the hidden themes for Grow and Aeban’s plan to grow a “tree of life” from the seeds of cancer, watered by the maidens and their “red sugar water” in order to reach the underworld of Nordic mythology.

Tomorrow’s post will feature (poor) video footage of the installation.


grubadjusted DSC02045 DSC02049 closeup clodie pod adjusted anothercloseup of a pod holding a child pod with light on chamber holding mary and iggnatious entwined detail on iggy inside cancer chamber pictures of trees surround 'peep hole" of cancer chamber/womb brother 1 chamberanotherangle borthpod with trimmed limbs cancerpod cancerpodlarge brother details cancerroom normal lightiong DSC02105 something dangles shot of redwater pods hanging outside cancer chamber head on cancerstalk DSC02117 moremouthdetailofdanglkeer

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