Previous Projects – It and I

The third and final story for the horror event of 2003. It is the story of the inverted nightmares creatures that arrive in our world when they dream.

There were no pictures to accompany this, but this is a picture of one of the inverted nightmares, though not as it appeared in this event.

the second year an "inverted nightmaere" found of child flesh

Room 3:  it and i

It was on an unintended accidental matter of only moments. I and it, my other, must have travelled in slumber. A path not known before from there to here when our minds were churning and our bodies were at rest and rumbling with slumbering. We came to this, this other world, where all abounds and walks around the sweetest things covered and filled with moist eat-meats meant for mouthfuls.

the strange of this heaven-unheaven makes shivers in me and my other. We have found the most precious and delicious of all the meat is the meat carried by the ones more easily overlooked at first. The small ones…

The larger ones, I and my companion have found, are all too much unwilling to go down the throat with any ease. They have far too many tools for the fools they are.

But the smallers have little resist within their might or fight, or wit. And the best part is they are easy to find when the light goes out of the above, and it gets dark where we are now. For not only can I and my other see what is worth seeing so much better, but the smallers can be found quite still and silent. Quite easily put in us, in pieces, or in wholes.

We are looking for little him and little her

To hang their remains from my mouth. I can never fully feed my need of the fill of them.

We would gladly spill a full stomach out to make room for these.
We can never need it more…. the taste….. in my mouth….. We like it..


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