Previous Projects – Yet Undone – Touristen Val and the Radiant Princess

Due to location and other logistic problems the 2009 event was cancelled.  The story was fairly far along as well as some of the event logistics.

The title was to be Touristen Val (tourist trap).

This was a far more emotional story than previous years and work was done to adapt it to a film project, but due to difficulties in schedules and finding actresses for the 2 main roles, it is currently still on hold.

The Kabbalah tree of life logo would be used as a base for the Amelus organization(one of two organizations in the story) logo. This was the inspiration:


An animated logo was designed to use for Amelus organization’s promo materials and the invite.

I will try to see if any of these animations or other art work still exist.

The opening teaser was fairly far along, and would tell the analogous fairy tale of the “The Radiant Princess”. I’m not sure this still exists. The music for this invite(note the distortion was intentional): The Radiant Princess theme.

The Radiant Princess told the tale of a “mesmerizing princess” who lived in a kingdom with her siblings, that knew no love, no beauty, no hate, no feeling at all.

One day a stranger came and secretly seduced the radiant princess and in so doing introduced love and feeling into the kingdom.

The stranger left, but their hearts were bounded and no matter how far the stranger went the beating of its heart and mind was felt by the princess and the entire kingdom was affected. The siblings set their plot to break this bound and rid their kingdom of the horrors the stranger had brought to them.

An animation with the event title was later redone to be the animated Monsieur Soeur animated logo with the ‘glass panes’ and the shadow that drifts along the wall.

Here is a test where the text Touristen Val was replaced with Monsieur Soeur:





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